April 29, 2024

Campus activity update

Dear UC Irvine Community, 

Early this morning, a group of approximately 50 people – some campus members and others not affiliated with the campus – set up an unauthorized “encampment” adjacent to Rowland Hall and Croul Hall in an area where classes are taught and research is conducted. During the day, we have seen protests in this area that are in violation of our policies that are designed to help ensure free expression on our campus.

We have reached out to the students in the existing illegal encampment and have made it clear to them that if they believe they need an “encampment” space on campus to peacefully express their views, then we will work with them to find a space that is appropriate and non-disruptive. We hope that our students and other affiliates do not insist on staying in a space that violates the law, violates our policies, and disrupts our mission.

I want to be clear that (a) we support the right of our community to protest, (b) we will stand against non-affiliates taking over university spaces where their activities threaten our core mission, and (c) we will work with all of our students if they believe it is important for them to have an encampment space that is effective and non-disruptive.

We remain committed to collaborating with our students to maintain a safe environment that supports our core educational and research missions.

Fiat Lux,

Chancellor Howard Gillman