December 13, 2022

Today's Incident

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death on campus of two individuals this afternoon. We are still gathering information about who the victims are and exactly what happened, but law enforcement has informed us that there is no ongoing danger to our community.

Preliminary information does suggest the possibility that at least one death occurred at the hands of another. Under such circumstances, the City of Irvine Police will be leading the investigation and will be responsible for updating our community on its progress. Of course, the university will be fully cooperating with these efforts.

At such a time, our primary thoughts are with the victims and their families. But there are also members of the UCI community who have been contacted to assist with the investigation and to share their knowledge of what may have happened.

To all members of our UCI community: If you need support, please know that UCI has resources for students, faculty, and staff. You can get more information at these websites:

If you witnessed or have any information about the incident, please contact the UCI Police Department at 949-824-5223. The officers there will connect you with the appropriate investigator from the Irvine Police Department.

Above all, take care of yourselves and each other,

Fiat Lux,

Chancellor Howard Gillman