January 12, 2019

News about our student community

Dear Anteaters:

Our collective hearts are broken this weekend with somber news from our student community.

We were notified late this morning that one of our students died at an off-campus home during the overnight hours. Police are investigating the incident and details are still developing at this time. We have reached out to the student’s family with our condolences. We are doing whatever we can to help them through this devastating time, including offering support services.

And, yesterday, a student bicyclist was seriously injured when struck by a car off-campus on Campus Drive at Stanford Road, near the Social Sciences parking structure. The accident is under investigation by police and the car’s driver is fully cooperating.

We will provide additional information as we know more, in coordination with the affected families.

Our love and support go out to the students’ friends and families during this unthinkably difficult time. We understand that this news may be difficult for many of you, too. If you or someone you know need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our counseling center at 949-824-6457 or counseling.uci.edu.

May you and your loved ones experience joy, compassion and security throughout the coming year.

Fiat Lux,

Chancellor Howard Gillman