August 13, 2017

Yesterday's Events in Charlottesville

To the Anteater community:

The shocking and revolting events that unfolded in Charlottesville remind us that the despicable and violent ideology of white supremacy continues to haunt and terrorize communities across the nation. We send our condolences and heartfelt thoughts to the friends and families of those who died and were injured, our colleagues at the University of Virginia, and all those who were affected by the violence.

It is important to recognize that these wannabe thugs and would-be oppressors are recently emboldened. The planned “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was one of the largest hate-gathering events in America in many decades.

In the face of this terrifying close-mindedness, we will continue to celebrate and value the diverse talents, backgrounds and cultures that create the colorful fabric of our country and university. We will align against the forces of darkness, hate, and ignorance by reasserting our commitment to enlighten the world.

Fiat Lux.
Chancellor Howard Gillman