Office of the Chancellor

Reaffirmation of SVSH Policy and Announcement of Forensic Exam Site

Oct. 31, 2022

To the Anteater community:

As we begin the academic year, I ask you to join me in reaffirming our collective commitment to ending sexual harassment and sexual violence. It is imperative that we act as a community to prevent sexual misconduct, provide confidential resources to those impacted, and report it when it occurs.

Under the UC SVSH Policy, all university employees who are not designated confidential (including staff, faculty, and student-staff) are Responsible Employees and must make a report to the OEOD/Title IX when they learn through the course of their employment of an incident of sexual harassment or sexual violence (including sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, and other sexual misconduct) involving students. Supervisors, faculty, Human Resources staff, and UCIPD personnel have a further duty to report all incidents involving any person affiliated with the university. This includes patient complaints of sexual misconduct made to UCI Health. Reporting to OEOD ensures a consistent response and that those affected by sexual misconduct can learn about their rights, options, and resources. To request training, make reports, or seek assistance, see OEOD’s website or contact OEOD at 949-824-5594, Additionally, the UCIPD can help with emergency situations, safety escorts, and criminal complaints of sexual violence.

Those affected by sexual violence or sexual harassment can receive confidential support and assistance through the CARE office. Additional resources are available to all of our community. Those accused of engaging in sexual violence or sexual harassment in a university administrative process can receive information and assistance through the Respondent Services Office.

Forensic Examination Site

Beginning in winter quarter, UCI will be home to a forensic examination site. Until now, Orange County has had only one sexual assault forensic examination site. Establishing this second site at UCI expands vital support resource for our students and employees while eliminating barriers to seeking help for sexual assault. Additionally, the site will also serve survivors of relationship violence through domestic abuse forensic exams. I wholeheartedly thank UCI CARE Director Eli Pascal, Student Health Center Director Patrick Haynes, UCIPD Lieutenant Matthew Mahony, Title IX Officer Tierney Anderson, and community partner and forensic nurse specialist Malinda Wheeler for their leadership and contributions to this crucial project for UCI.

At UCI, our leadership remains committed to ensuring equitable participation in education and employment free of sexual misconduct. Thank you for joining me in this ongoing effort.

Chancellor Howard Gillman