Office of the Chancellor

Work Groups

Work Groups

African American Student Experience

  • Nicole Mitchell, Chair (Undergraduate); Professor, Music
  • Tamara Austin, Director, Women’s & Gender Education Initiatives
  • Àdísà Ajamu, Director, Center for Black Cultures, Resources and Research
  • Kim Ayala, Director, Undecided/Undeclared Advising
  • Nicole Giles, Junior, Social Policy & Public Service
  • Kaaryn Gustafson, Professor, Law
  • Kenneth Oden, Program Coordinator, SOAR Center
  • Frank Wilderson, Professor, African American Studies and Drama

Constructive Engagement, Policing & Crisis Response

(For a list of the members’ campus affiliations, click here)

  • Daniel Wehrenfennig, Chair; Executive Director, Olive Tree Initiative; Director, Program in Conflict Analysis & Resolution
  • Edgar Dormitorio, Chief of Staff, Student Affairs; Director, Student Affairs Communications
  • Sumita Furlong, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor on Cultural Affairs
  • Susan Klein, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
  • Elizabeth Koppe, Senior, Philosophy
  • Sharon Stead, Housing
  • Rameen Talesh, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life & Leadership
  • Joan Tenma, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel

Diversity, Inclusion & Programming

  • Doug Haynes, Co-Chair; Vice Provost, Academic Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; Professor, History
  • Jonathan Feng, Co-Chair; Professor, Physics & Astronomy
  • Kim Ayala, Director, Undecided/Undeclared Advising
  • Kevin Bossenmeyer, Student Government & Student Media
  • Jared Celniker, Graduate Student, Psychology & Social Behavior
  • Ethan Chee, undergraduate, Business 
  • Rachel Corell, Project Manager, School of Medicine
  • Jane Page, Professor, Drama
  • John Stupar, Lecturer, Engineering
  • Rameen Talesh, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Student Life & Leaders
  • Clare Yu, Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Campus Advisory Council on International Student Pedagogy

  • Michael Dennin, Chair; Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning; Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education
  • Yong Chen, Professor, History; Associate Dean, Curriculum and Student Services

(For a complete list of the members’ campus affiliations, click here)

Surveys, Data Analysis & Evaluation

  • Andrew Penner, Chair; Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Shanyce Campbell, assistant professor, Education
  • Gwendolyn Kuhns Black, Associate Director, Equal Opportunity & Diversity
  • Angela Miu, Principal Research Analyst, Division of Undergraduate Education, Applied Research
  • Joshua Saldana, Principal Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research
  • Venetia Van Duyn, Campus Assessment Coordinator, DUE-Assessment/Research Studies