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Feb. 10 - Dr. Albert Chang

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Dr. Albert Chang

Albert Chang MD MPH has been a pediatrician and patient advocate in Orange County for nearly 20 years, and prior to UCI served as the Regional Medical Director of AltaMed Health Services Corporation of community clinics in Orange County. He obtained his MD/MPH combined degree from the Boston University School of Medicine, trained in Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and completed a Preventive Medicine Residency at UCLA.

After residency, he worked with the Orange County Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, where he developed a Childhood Injury Prevention Training Program for the pediatric residents at both CHOC and UC Irvine, and integrated a similar safety program into physician offices. Dr. Chang has been closely involved with the Orange County Children and Families Commission (First-5) programs, including an Emmy-nominated PBS parenting program called “Help Me Grow”, where they filmed educational vignettes directed to the parents of young children. Dr. Chang has worked as a Pediatric Consultant for the Orange County Health Care Agency, providing medical evaluation and direction for children with special needs through the California Children's Services program. This work was done on-site at school-based Medical Therapy Units, and this is where he became closely involved with not only the physical and occupational therapy services but also the educational and long term life-style goals for these very special children and their families

As the Regional Medical Director at AltaMed, Dr. Chang was responsible for providing the clinical oversight for 7 primary care clinics in Orange County, managing the Medical Directors at each site, advocating for the needs of over 60 medical providers, and supporting the delivery of care to over 65,000 patient lives. As an active member of the Medical Leadership Council, and serving as the chair for many committees and project teams, he has worked very closely with the Clinical Operations, Quality Department, Medical Management, Health Education and Marketing teams, to ensure the success of many programs and projects within the Orange County clinics.

Dr. Chang took these opportunities to better develop his business acumen and understanding of how to develop and implement policies, oversee the training and continuing education of staff, enforce best practices and procedures, and ensure all operations are compliant with state, local and federal regulations. He truly enjoys building successful partnerships with governmental agencies that have supported the clinics including the Orange County Health Care Agency and CalOptima, as well as local community organizations such as the Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Orange County Medical Association. This shared work has allowed for the leveraging of support from local Hospitals and ER’s, Family Resource Centers, School Districts, and other groups to reach out and provide service to as many members of the community as possible.

Being with UC Irvine for over 3 years now, Dr. Chang strives to maintain health in student and staff populations, prevent illness and injury, and promote healthy living for the people of our community.

Dr. Albert Chang