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March 14 - Al Valdez

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Al Valdez

Al Valdez is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant in the areas of youth violence, gang sociology, behaviors, investigations and prosecutions. He also presents to parents/teachers on awareness issues, prevention/intervention models and occult/ritual crimes. He has written and published over 80 articles and 12 books on gang histories, customs and practices and related issues. Valdez also authored the gang monograph that is used by the California Attorney General’s office to educate the public and law enforcement.

Valdez retired from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office in 2006 with over 28 years law enforcement experience as a peace officer.  He was selected as the 2001 District Attorney Investigator of the Year, for the state of California and was also received the 2005 Academic Achievement Award for educational and training achievements by the California Asian Gang Investigators Association.

He has earned two bachelor of science degrees, one in Biology and Chemistry, from UCI in the early 1970s. He holds a masters degree in Criminal Justice and Law and was awarded his doctorate in Psychology in 2004.