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Oct. 12 - Dion Shepherd Jr., M.A.S. ‘16

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Dion Shepherd Jr., M.A.S. ‘16

DIon Shepherd

Going to jail isn’t normally considered a good career move, but UCI alum Dion Shepherd Jr. thought it could help him better understand his ex-con and at-risk-youth clients. So the Detroit native voluntarily spent two months in the slammer as part of an A&E undercover documentary series called “60 Days In.” The unnerving experience wasn’t Shepherd’s first television gig. In 2013, he trained as a bounty hunter on “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” then worked as a bail bondsman, security guard and youth counselor. Additionally, he has established the Justice League Consulting Group, which aims to assist former inmates in finding jobs and acclimating back into society.