Office of the Chancellor

Conversation Kitchen - Tea Talks

Afternoon Tea Talks

October 11, 2017 

4-5:30 p.m.

Anteater Test Kitchen, Anteater Recreation Center, 2nd Floor

Ted Yoo, Brews and Brains

Department: Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Talk Description:

Nuclear power is a technology that produces the most electricity while also generating the fewest greenhouse gasses. What we must deal with, however, is the 2000 tons of radioactive waste generated every year in the US. Recycling nuclear fuel can help deal with this sticky issue by greatly reducing the amount of highly toxic waste that currently exists in political and social limbo. In addition, the same technology can be used to reclaim plutonium in nuclear weapons, and use them in a productive way. The Nilsson lab studies the chemicals behind the recycling systems in an effort to increase efficiency. Light refreshments will be served.