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CACS Question

CACS Encourages Staff Feedback

The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Staff invites responses to a "CACS Question" as a venue through which staff concerns are identified, understood and considered as the campus moves forward.

CACS would like to thank you for taking the anonymous survey we posted in April about your experiences with civility at UCI, and for attending the Town Hall dialogue on April 30.

The majority of the respondents to the survey indicated that it is very important to work in a civil workplace, and rated the level of civility at UCI as good. With this in mind, the next CACS Question is:

What does civility look like (give an example), and what are some ways in which we can recognize those individuals who display excellence in civility?

CACS is in the process of scheduling forums to review the responses to the questions with participants, and to engage in dialogue that probes the questions a little more deeply. The feedback gathered at these forums also will be shared with the chancellor.