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CACS Question – August 2012

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Responses to CACS Question – August 2012

What types of resource systems best assist staff during these economically challenging times?

Thank you for your input to our question, What types of resource systems best assist staff during these economically challenging times? The common themes of the feedback we received to this question were: employee training and development, employee assistance programs and benefits, employee morale-building.

The financial training classes provided through UCLC at HR have been beneficial. The courses have led me to positive change regarding paying off debt, adding to retirement savings and creating a Living Trust. The courses have provided a sense of empowerment and control over our family and my individual budget and spending choices. The variety of time and days the classes are provided allows for needed flexibility of individual work schedules.

Financial webinars, alternative transportation options, ability to take loans from 403B, availability of Employee Assistance programs, Employee development, team building, leave policies, management training.

It’s extremely helpful to have so many free training workshops available to staff, on various issues, from planning for retirement and new parent bootcamp, as well as programs to help improve our health (Step-Up UCI, etc). I was happy to get an email this week saying there are 15 options for free work-outs on campus throughout the week. Having a growing family and “tightening the belt,” gym memberships were one of the first things to go.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Free Financial Webinars, Free 30-day Financial Coaching, HR Retirement and Investment workshops and options, our Medical, Dental, Vision, Behavioral and Legal benefits, and the many StayWell Health Programs.

ARAG is particularly helpful. With a three year old in the house, it would have been virtually impossible to find the time to have drawn up my husband’s and my will correctly ourselves, and it would have been too expensive to go to a lawyer without this covered service. Thank you for providing this benefit.

I have found that motivational speakers (without exaggerating or making false promises) can be a real lift to people who might be experiencing difficulties due to financial situations at home or who simply are not the most positive individuals. Being reminded that we ought to not lose ground or focus of who we are and what we want is important. But most importantly, having a grateful attitude is a win-win situation for the staff and UCI as an employer.

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