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Membership Guidelines

CACS Membership Guidelines

University of California, Irvine staff members are an integral part of our operation and make vital contributions to our success. They ensure that our campus runs efficiently, and they provide invaluable support to our educational and research missions.

In order to preserve and strengthen these contributions, UC Irvine established the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Staff (CACSS) in 2002, which has been renamed the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Staff (CACS). CACS is charged with advocating for staff by facilitating communication between staff and the chancellor, and with the larger goal of promoting career development, mitigating problems and creating a positive work environment.

The committee is comprised of members appointed by the chancellor. Members are selected carefully so that they bring the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to the effectiveness of this active working group.

CACS co-chairs include one staff and one faculty member. Ex-officio members include individuals from Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity, Human Resources (UC Irvine campus and medical center), Office of Institutional Research, Strategic Communications, UCI Staff Assembly, and the Chancellor’s Office. To provide broad coverage of the campus, other members include individuals from various academic and administrative units. These members are appointed “at large” and are not representatives of their units.

CACS co-chairs and regular committee members serve two-year terms. New co-chair appointments are made from the committee membership, whenever possible, to ensure continuity. Ex-officio members may serve longer terms.

Committee membership is solicited from the campus community annually. New member nominations are reviewed by the existing membership, after which final recommendations are submitted by the CACS co-chairs to the chancellor for approval. The chancellor is not restricted to the list of recommended new members.

Upon appointment to CACS, committee members select and become active in one of the CACS subcommittee work groups. Examples include the Diversity Work Group, the Employee Development Work Group, and the Outreach & Communication Work Group. Committee members are expected to make every attempt to attend all meetings, and to limit their absences to no more than three meetings each year.

CACS co-chairs coordinate regular communications with the chancellor, including providing the chancellor with an annual written report responsive to the committee’s charge. The annual report is typically submitted to the chancellor by mid-September.

Administrative support for CACS is provided by the Chancellor’s Office.

(Updated December 2015)