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Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Staff

Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Staff

Our Charge

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Staff (CACS) is charged with supporting staff interests, promoting career development opportunities, mitigating problems and creating a positive work environment. Members are selected carefully so that they bring the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to contribute to the effectiveness of this active working group. Upon appointment to CACS, committee members become active in one of CACS's initiatives. Committee members are expected to make every attempt to attend all meetings, which generally take place monthly during the lunch hour. CACS also participates in campuswide events.

CACS membership guidelines

Of Interest

History of CACS

The Chancellor’s Task Force on Staff Growth, Recruitment & Retention, in its December 2001 report, recommended that a campus group be formed to track progress on initiatives recommended by the Task Force, advise on issues and actions concerning staff working conditions, and set goals for future activities aimed at recruiting and retaining top-quality staff. In April 2002, Chancellor Ralph Cicerone announced the formation of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Staff. In January 2014, the committee updated its name to the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Staff.