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2012-13 Annual Report

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2012-13 Annual Report

August 1, 2013
TO: Chancellor Michael Drake

  • Valerie Jenness, Dean, School of Social Ecology; CACSS Faculty Co-Chair, January 2012 - present
  • Natalie Schonfeld, Director, Student Transition Services; CACSS Staff Co-Chair, August 2012 - present

Established in 2001, the University of California, Irvine Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Staff is charged with advocating for staff, promoting career development opportunities, mitigating problems and creating a positive work environment. This annual report details the membership and structure, activities and accomplishments, and goals and recommendations that guide future work.

Membership and Structure

Members of CACSS are appointed by the chancellor and, upon appointment, are expected to become active in at least one of the CACSS subcommittees through which CACSS's work is accomplished.

The following subcommittees and membership have directed the work of CACSS:

  • Diversity: Pamela Parham (chair), Ingrid Fahr (co-chair), Gwen Kuhns Black, John Daly, John Mouledoux and Steven Johnson.
  • Employee Development: Jennifer Aaron (co-chair), Francine Jeffrey (co-chair), Raju Metherate, John Mouledoux; former CACSS members Janai Hendra, Stephanie-Jean Hinojosa and Nancy Chen Lane; and non-CACSS members Johnathen Bodenschatz, Desiree Fleming, Jennifer Gamble, Dyan Hall, Bob Kumamoto and Chuck Villanueva.
  • Outreach & Communication: David Da Costa (chair), Desiree von Haag (co-chair), Ingrid Fahr, John Mouledoux, Sose Thomassian and DeeDee Nunez.
  • Staff Survey: Gwen Kuhns Black (chair), Natalie Schonfeld, former CACSS members Brice Kikuchi and Nancy Chen Lane.

In addition to these standing subcommittees, an ad hoc subcommittee was organized to develop a plan for a staff assistance program. Ingrid Fahr, Francine Jeffrey, Valerie Jenness (chair), John Mouledoux and Sose Thomassian served on this subcommittee.

Activities and Accomplishments

The following is a summary of the activities sponsored by the CACSS since the last annual report was submitted in December 2012:

  • The Diversity Subcommittee created a Diversity Roundtable and finalized its mission, composition, and goals. The purpose of the roundtable is to focus on diversity efforts and issues across the UCI community that impact faculty, staff, and students. In May, OEOD agreed to take on administrative support/oversight of the roundtable; the leadership of the Diversity Roundtable will come from its members. The complete Diversity Subcommittee Report is located in Appendix A.
  • New leadership was appointed for the Employee Development Subcommittee in January 2013. The efforts of this subcommittee fall in three areas: (1) a Career Testimonial Project that would assist campus employees to identify areas of interests and/or career paths, (2) a Centralized Employee Development Website, and (3) a Professional Development Staff Survey to determine the training and career development needs of UCI staff. In addition, the subcommittee has taken the lead in discussing the modification of the UC Irvine Values to make more explicit the campus' commitment to staff development. The complete Employee Development Subcommittee Report is located in Appendix B.
  • The Outreach & Communication Subcommittee has maintained the CACSS website, continued to provide a venue for staff to provide input via monthly and quarterly questions, and updated the CACSS information flyer to promote CACSS and communicate to the campus about the work of the committee. The complete Outreach & Communication Subcommittee Report is located in Appendix C.
  • The Staff Survey Subcommittee produced individual unit reports based4 on the Fall 2011 Staff Engagement results. These reports will be distributed by CACSS to individual units before fall 2013. In fall of 2012, Staff Assembly administered a subsequent staff engagement survey. The Staff Survey subcommittee, in coordination with Staff Assembly, will host a town hall meeting on July 25, 2013. Via this joint effort, we will discuss staff engagement issues and share common themes that emerged from the survey results. The complete Staff Survey Report is located in Appendix D.

The monthly CACSS meetings are an opportunity for the membership to share staff-related concerns, present ideas for improving the status and welfare of staff, and engage with others from across campus. We reorganized our meeting agendas to reflect our commitment to advocating for staff, including the introduction of "Around the Table," which provides time during the meeting for CACSS members to share issues, concerns, trends, etc. that have come to their attention by engaging with staff across campus. More recently, we clarified the roles and expectations of ex-officio members, appointed members, and reconstitutes our subcommittees. The results of our discussions and efforts are located in Appendix E.

Goals and Recommendations for Future Work

As we look to the future of the CACSS, we will continue to work to facilitate increased communication—in person, via town halls, and through technology—between staff and the chancellor. We are confident these efforts will serve to positively impact staff engagement. To that end, we have the following goals for the upcoming year:

  • Organize a Diversity Town Hall in fall 2013 that introduces the efforts of the Roundtable to the campus.
  • Begin to interview staff representatives for the Career Testimonial Project.
  • Organize regular meet and greet town halls that allow for campus staff to learn about CACSS and interact with and exchange ideas with CACSS members.
  • Work with the UCI Alumni Association to explore ways to harness the engagement and energy of UCI staff who are also UCI alumni.
  • Implement a new annual luncheon for all staff who have contributed 25 years of service to UC.
  • Retool the Staff Survey Subcommittee into a staff focus group/data subcommittee. This new subcommittee will be charged with methodically gathering information from campus staff about key issues in order to strengthen decision making efforts related to the welfare of staff and the creation and maintenance of a positive work environment at UCI.
  • Work to rebrand CACSS to increase awareness among staff of the committee.
  • Meet regularly with our ex-officio members to discuss key issues, revisit our committee structure, and set goals.
  • Invite a member of the Office of Institutional Research to join CACSS as an ex-officio member.
  • Invite campus leadership to share information at CACSS meetings to help set the direction for the work of the CACSS and keep our membership informed about current issues and resources.

Ultimately, the success of CACSS depends on the active involvement of its members, the engagement of the chancellor, and the responsiveness of UCI staff when invited to participate in a host of activities sponsored by the CACSS.


  1. Diversity Subcommittee Report
  2. Employee Development Subcommittee Report
  3. Outreach & Communication Subcommittee Report
  4. Staff Survey Subcommittee Report
  5. CACSS Membership and Subcommittee Roles and Expectations