Office of the Chancellor

2004-05 Annual Report

Section 1

2004-05 Annual Report

June 20, 2005
To: Chancellor Ralph Cicerone
Re: Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Staff

The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Staff (CACSS) is pleased to submit its 2004-05 annual report.

It has been a productive year during which CACSS held a well-attended neighborhood meeting for staff with 5-15 years of service, met with both Executive Vice Chancellor Michael Gottfredson and School of Medicine Dean Thomas Cesario and continued its subcommittee work on various projects.

These subcommittees include Faculty Staff Relations, which met with both MSOs and department chairs during the year and whose annual report is attached.

Aiming to effect better communication between faculty and staff, the subcommittee identified common themes, including the need for deans and chairs to set forth clear expectations regarding appropriate behavior, consistency in requirements and better training for MSOs, and offered proposed next steps for leadership development programs and guidelines for chairs, which may help to address some of the issues that concern staff (see below).

The report and analyses of the Data Subcommittee also appear in the appendix and contain statistics on hires and separations, historical staffing and demographic breakdowns.

It is important to mention that the ratio of staff FTE to filled faculty FTE, which had hovered around 3.80 to 3.90 for the past several years, dropped to 3.52 in October 2004, indicating that – for the first time – overall staffing on the general campus is failing to keep pace with student and faculty growth. This supports the widespread contention of staff that, while workloads have been increasing, staffing has not. In addition to refining its data, the subcommittee plans to collect comparison data on staff from peer institutions next year.

Although there are clear indications of general satisfaction with UCI as an employer, the results of the Staff Survey (conducted in fall 2004), combined with issues raised at the neighborhood meeting and comments submitted to the chancellor's web site, indicate that the same concerns are surfacing repeatedly and continue to preoccupy staff. To summarize:

  • Lack of pay increases over the past three years;
  • Lack of opportunity and training for career advancement;
  • Difficulty pursuing on-and off-campus educational opportunities, due to lack of evening courses, lack of practical degrees at UCI and issues with obtaining release time for classes;
  • Lack of available and affordable childcare;
  • Workload problems: while it has been argued that the growth of staff has kept pace with faculty overall, the data mentioned above suggest that this is not the case, and there is widespread perception that in many areas staffing has not kept up with increased workload;
  • Inadequate training of supervisors and a general lack of a coherent approach to training at the campus level.

Attention to these matters will make UCI a better and more effective environment for everyone.

CACSS is grateful for the opportunity to serve on this important committee; its existence testifies to the fundamental role that the staff plays at UCI, and we very much appreciate the attention the administration has given to our concerns.


Linda Bauer
CACSS Acting Faculty Co-chair
Acting Dean, School of Humanities

James Hay
CACSS Staff Co-chair
Director, Facilities Management