Office of the Chancellor

2003-04 Annual Report

Section 1

Annual Report 2003-04

Sept. 14, 2004
To: Chancellor Ralph Cicerone
Re: Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Staff

We are pleased to submit this annual report on the activities of CACSS for 2003-04. In the past year, we have continued the momentum established in the 2002-03, engaging in ongoing projects and new ones primarily coordinated by the CACSS subcommittees that included:

  • Neighborhood Meetings (Mark Warner, chair)
  • Communications (Susan Menning, chair)
  • Community Building (Michael Chennault, chair)
  • Human Resources (Gail Brooks, chair)
  • Data (Marie Richman, chair)
  • Annual Staff Survey (Gail Brooks, chair)
  • Staff Assembly (Penny White, chair)

CACSS met monthly during 2003-04, and the subcommittees met more often, depending on their projects. CACSS completed the following activities during the year:

  • The Data Subcommittee, working with the Chancellor's Office and the Communications Office, finalized a CACSS website for implementation in fall, 2004. The site will include data on the growth and utilization of staff at UCI as well as updates on CACSS activities and relevant links to other websites.
  • CACSS co-chairs provided the Chancellor with subjective feedback on the status of staff in various areas of the campus resulting from last year's neighborhood meetings.
  • The Neighborhood Meeting Subcommittee, in cooperation with the Staff Assembly, held two all-campus neighborhood meetings, one focused on employees with 15 plus years of experience and the other employees with less than 5 years experience. The feedback from these meetings will be included in the CACSS website, providing insight into the issues and concerns of these employee groups and others in attendance.
  • CACSS developed CACSS membership guidelines which were approved by the Chancellor and implemented. The guidelines call for a CACSS membership of about 12 staff and faculty, with staff and faculty co-chairs serving one-year terms and members serving rotating two-year terms. CACSS recommended new members and the Chancellor appointed them for terms beginning in 2004-05.
  • CACSS received a number of anonymous comments from Chancellor's web site. The co-chairs worked with the Chancellor's Office to follow up on specific issues raised by staff members. The co-chairs also received signed e-mails from some staff members and responded to concerns and provided information directly where appropriate.
  • In response to a request from the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor, CACSS brainstormed on ideas to reward staff in a year in which no one received regular merit or cost of living raises. CACSS developed the concept of providing two extra days off for staff during the winter holiday closing when they would otherwise have to take vacation days. This was seen as a benefit that would show appreciation for staff but would not impact the budget directly in these difficult financial times. We are very pleased to note that the UC System has adopted our idea and will provide two extra days off for all UC staff this winter.
  • CACSS held several discussions on ways to approach an important project for the year, improving morale in tough budget times. CACSS also supported whenever possible the goals and projects of the Staff Assembly, which is an important group working consistently to raise staff morale.
  • In our monthly meetings, CACSS heard presentations from Human Resources on a number of new projects to benefit staff, including the following:
    • Equity Advisor Program (to assist in evaluating equity among staff positions)
    • Workers' Compensation Improvements
    • People Management Institute (a proposed UC staff development program)
    • UC Staff Merit Pay Program
    • Annual Staff Survey and Exit Interview Study
  • CACSS devoted a monthly meeting to providing input on concerns and status of staff to the chair of the Chancellor's Advisory Council Strategic Planning Committee on Campus Life (CACSS member Dean Meredith Lee).
  • During monthly meetings CACSS discussed many other topics including what the campus could do to reduce negative consequences of layoffs in the current budget climate.

We have enjoyed our two years of service as CACSS co-chairs and appreciate the opportunity you gave us to become engaged in issues of importance to UCI staff. We believe that staff members are a critical part the success of UCI, and we appreciate your constant support for efforts to improve the status of staff. We look forward to hearing of the continued success of CACSS in the coming years. Please let us know if you would like further information from us.


Ron Stern
Faculty Co-Chair

Mark Warner
Staff Co-Chair