Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion


To monitor and assess the campus climate and make recommendations to campus leadership for further improvement consistent with our values.


To be an active and trusted inclusionary body that connects with members of our community.


  • Further strengthen our campus climate of respect, civility and mutual appreciation.
  • Foster community building and engagement through inclusion.
  • Facilitate constructive discussion and act as a conduit to action for individuals and groups to promote inclusiveness among the campus community.
  • Generate innovative thinking and offer solutions to assist in the resolution of campus climate issues.
  • Promote the identification and sharing of best practices that promote diversity and tolerance.
  • Act as a resource for collecting information on campus climate. This includes supplementing existing channels for collecting information about current tensions, dissatisfactions and conflicts.
  • Reinforce campus resources that serve as venues for campus community members to air their thoughts, opinions and ideas.
  • Create an inventory of campus climate data and develop metrics to aid confident decision making.


Elizabeth Loftus

What Matters to Me and Why

An Oct. 8 talk by Distinguished Professor Elizabeth Loftus launched the 2014-15 series designed to build and strengthen bonds between people who teach, learn and work together daily, and to foster understanding of how each of us embraces the UCI values.


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