UC Campus Climate Study

Climate Assessment for Learning, Living and Working

Launch of survey: Jan. 14, 2013 | Close of survey: Feb. 21, 2013

Report release: March 19, 2014 - Campus Climate Project Final Report

Thank you to those members of the UCI community who participated in the climate survey. Rankin & Associates has completed the analysis of the data from the systemwide survey, and provided a systemwide report as well as individual campus reports. These reports can be found on the UC Campus Climate Study website (http://campusclimate.ucop.edu). At UC Irvine, the Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion (ACCCI) has been tasked with reviewing the report and identifying a few action items to focus on in the coming year. For more information about the study and follow-up action items, stay tuned to the ACCCI website at http://chancellor.uci.edu/campus_climate/.


From fall 2012 through spring 2013, the University of California conducted a systemwide study on “Campus Climate.” The goal was to gather a wide variety of data related to institutional climate, inclusion and work-life issues so that the university can better assess the learning, living and working environments for students, faculty and staff at the 10 UC campuses as well as the Office of the President, five medical centers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


How the survey was accessed

On Monday, Jan. 14, all UCI faculty, staff and students were sent an email with a personal survey link from campusclimate@ucop.edu. Paper versions also were available in English and Spanish through Human Resources (contact Annie Krinsky). Survey submissions were collected by Rankin & Associates and analyzed for a final report.


Systemwide incentives

To thank all members of the UC community for participating in this survey, several “Climate Survey Thank You” prizes were awarded systemwide. Congratulations to the UC Irvine winners!


Local incentives

UC Irvine also offered local incentives via a random drawing among UCI student, faculty and staff participants who completed the survey. All individual prizes were awarded during the Spring and Summer of 2013. Prizes included various gift card amounts for The Hill, Amazon.com, Starbucks, and Zot Bucks, and lunch with Chancellor Drake.

School or department incentives will be awarded once UC Irvine has access to the survey data and is able to calculate response rates by unit.


Local work team

Special thanks are extended to the members of the UC Irvine Local Work Team, who provided input on systemwide survey questions for local context and developed a short list of UCI-specific questions to include at the end of the systemwide survey. Their efforts to market the survey across the campus and medical center to increase response rates were also highly valued.

Thomas Parham
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Co-chair, Climate Study Local Work Team

Kirsten Quanbeck
Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor
Director, Equal Opportunity & Diversity
Co-chair, Climate Study Local Work Team

Douglas Haynes
Associate Professor, History
Director, ADVANCE Program
Co-chair, Climate Study Local Work Team

Justin Chung
2012-13 President, AGS
Doctoral Student, Informatics

Traci Ishigo
2012-13 President, ASUCI
Senior, Sociology Major

Ryan Cherland
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Institutional Research & Decision Support

Francis Leslie
Dean, Graduate Division
Professor, Pharmacology

Christopher Carpenter
Associate Professor, Economics/Public Policy

Judith Stepan-Norris
Professor of Sociology

Grace Tonner
Associate Dean and Professor, School of Law
Council on Faculty Welfare, Diversity and Academic Freedom Representative

Jason Valdry
Director of Technology, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Staff Assembly Representative

Venette Van Duyn
Campus Assessment Coordinator, Department of Undergraduate Education

Cathy Lawhon
Director of Media Relations, Strategic Communications

Andrea Espy
Organizational Development Consultant, UC Irvine Medical Center Human Resources

Annie Krinsky
Operations/Compliance Manager, Campus Human Resources

Gwendolyn Black
Associate Director, Equal Opportunity & Diversity

Debbie Nielsen
Project Manager, Chancellor's Office
Staff, Climate Study Local Work Team