Office of the Chancellor

Work Groups

CACS Work Groups


Upon appointment to CACS, committee members select and become active in one of the CACS work groups, where much of CACS’ fundamental work gets done. Staff members who are not CACS members also participate in the work of these work groups.

Employee Development


  • Career testimonial project
  • Employee recognition
  • Staff appreciation
  • Training and development

Current Members

  • Leader: Greg Rothberg
  • Kimberly Ayala
  • Lou Gill
  • David Naimie
  • Daniel Spitzer

Outreach and Communications


  • Communication both to and from staff
  • Town halls
  • Surveys
  • Listening tours

Current Members

  • Leader: Ashley Vikander
  • Gwen Black
  • Dianna Sahhar
  • Jeremy Thacker
  • Briandy Walden

Research and Development on New Priorities


  • Supervisor-employee focus groups
  • Staff-faculty interactions

Current Members

  • Leader: Nathalie Anaya
  • Gina Anzivino
  • Olga Dunaevsky
  • Ryan Hoadwonic
  • Marian Nedelchev